2022 Summer Selective Mutism Camp Brave

2022 Summer Selective Mutism Camp Brave

After a two year hiatus due to Covid, we are excited to announce that our annual camp will resume this summer from August 22-26!

These camps are appropriate for children aged 4-9 with selective mutism. These one week day camps (with lead-ins taking place the week before) allow children to practice “brave talking” in a fun summer camp/classroom-like setting. Led by Dr. Annie Simpson and Dr. Rosalind Catchpole, who collectively have treated hundreds children with selective mutism, camp can be an excellent way to help children new to selective mutism treatment or boost gains for children who are already receiving services. If you are interested in hearing more, the first step is to contact us to arrange a free 15 minute phone consultation to hear more about the program and tell us about your child. For more details about Camp Brave check out the services section of our website!

2022 Dates:

Camp week: August 22-26

Lead in sessions: August 13-19


Assessment: For families not known to us or where the clinical situation may have changed we require an assessment appointment of 60-90 mins depending on the situation. This is billed at $240/hr. This will be nonrefundable even if your child is not considered a good fit for camp. We will, however, provide alternative recommendations if this is the case. This may take place in person or on zoom depending on the situation.

Lead-ins: All children participate in a minimum of two lead-in sessions the week prior to camp.

Depending on the specific needs of your child, the lead-in may be just two sessions or it may be multiple sessions completed over consecutive days prior to the beginning of the program. These are billed at $240/hr. The total number of hours depends on the child and the severity of the selective mutism, but averages 3-7 hours. In order to participate in camp your child must speak to two adults and in front of one other child. Most children are successful under our guidance but this is not guaranteed. This requirement is needed as children need to be able to participate verbally in camp in order to benefit, and in order for the other children to benefit.

All children participate in a second lead-in session at the Jewish Community Centre on the Sunday prior to camp. This will take place in small groups to help your child both feel familiar with the setting and a few more of the kids before the week begins. The cost for this session is a flat fee of 240$ regardless of how many hours your child is there (average usually is 1 – 3 hours).

The five day in-person program will cost $3000. Parent zoom training sessions are included in the program fee (and are mandatory).

There will be a written report with specific recommendations for the school provided 1 – 2 weeks after camp. The cost of this report is 240$ and is due upon receipt of the report. This report is required.

Optional follow ups if desired with either the family or the school can be booked at the rate of 240$.

How do we sign up?

Please send an email to our office manager Claudia at info@cornerstonepsychology.ca and let her know that you are interested in Camp Brave, and tell her the age/gender/current grade of your child as well as where you live (local vs out of town).

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