Cornerstone now offers psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessments!

Cornerstone now offers psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessments!

We at Cornerstone are thrilled to announce that we will now be offering comprehensive psychoeducational and neuropsychologial assessments through our clinic. This service will allow us to provide care for children for whom questions about their learning, thinking, attention, engagement with school, or general functioning need a comprehensive assessment. This service is both stand-alone and complementary to our existing therapy services.

Would my child benefit from an assessment?

There are several signs that a child may benefit from a comprehensive psychoeducational or neuropsychological assessment. The most common domain in which a child may be struggling is often school. Children who struggle with learning to read, learning basic math facts, who can’t seem to get their thoughts down on paper without great difficulty, who seem to miss what’s going on around them or can’t seem to get organized are all children who may benefit from comprehensive assessment to see whether any learning or attentional challenges are present. Bright children who learn with ease but seem bored and disengaged at school also often benefit from assessment to make sure that their learning environment is tailored to their unique needs. Finally, children and teens who seem like a ‘puzzle’ – for whom some things come with ease and others seem insurmountable – often benefit from a detailed assessment of their learning profile.

Home and social environments can also be impacted when children are struggling with certain aspects of functioning and an assessment can help to better understand a child’s weaknesses and harness their strengths to help things go more smoothly at home and with friends. For children with suspected brain-based challenges, a more detailed neuropsychological assessment can help understand and plan for needed accommodations and modifications to help things go more smoothly in different areas of their life.

What does an assessment involve?

Assessments vary depending on the nature of the clinical question; however in most cases they include a combination of a) interviews and questionnaires with parents, teachers and, except with young children, the child/youth themselves, b) direct assessment of the child over several hours doing different problem-solving and learning activities, and c) detailed review of school report cards. At the end of the assessment a comprehensive report with any diagnoses (including a ‘picture’ of the child’s functioning) and recommendations for school and other domains is prepared. A feedback session with parents (and sometimes the youth) is also provided

How do I go about organizing an assessment and/or learning more information?

Get in touch to book a free 15-minute phone intake with one of our clinic directors to discuss your needs!

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