We provide quality, evidence-based assessment and therapy services for a wide range of challenges across the lifespan. We help individuals (re)discover their own strengths and develop skills for lasting positive change. We work together with individuals and families to help understand the nature of their struggles and identify an individualized treatment plan that is based in science and prioritizes clients’ values and goals. We are passionate about effective therapy and creative, empowering service delivery. We are offering therapy services via video/phone and in-person. Assessment services are provided in-person. Workshops are provided virtually.

Our approach is collaborative and engaging.

We are currently accepting referrals for the following virtual workshops/groups for PARENTS:

  • Circle of Security Parenting Group (Weekly Tuesdays for 10 weeks from 12-1pm; October 10 – December 12, 2023): see here for a video that explains what we cover and here for more details about the group
  • SPACE Parenting Group for Anxious Children (Wednesdays 12-1:30 beginning April 19 for 7 weeks): see here for more details
  • What to do with Worry: Parenting your Anxious Child aged 4-12 Group (Tuesdays noon-1pm: May 16th, 23rd and 30th; June 6th and 13th): see here for more details
  • Parent Tic Workshop (Monday October 16,  11am-1:30pm): see here for more detail
  • Selective Mutism Parenting Workshop (Saturday October 15 9-12am AND Thursday October 19 6-7:30pm)
  • Sleep Workshop: Parenting Solutions for Child and Adolescent Sleep Problems (Date TBA); see here for more details

We are currently accepting referrals for the following groups for CHILDREN:

  • Tic Busters Group: Comprehensive Behavioural Intervention for Tics (CBIT) for Children aged 9-13 (6 Child Sessions (in-person) on Mondays from 3:45-5:00pm (October 23rd, October 30th, November 6th, November 20th, November 27th, December 11th) and 2 Parent Sessions (virtual) on Wednesdays from noon-1pm (November 15th and December 6th); for more details see here.
  • What to do With Worry: A CBT Group for School-Aged Children (Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm; October 17th – December 12th); see here for more details; group is virtual

We are currently accepting referrals for our NEW comprehensive selective mutism treatment program, which includes our parent workshop and club brave. For information about the program including costs and how to sign up, please see here.

We are currently accepting referrals for psychoeducational assessments and autism assessments for children and adolescents aged 6+.

We are accepting referrals for individual therapy with an estimated wait time of 6-12 months for most services. Due to overwhelming demand, limited availability of psychologists with expertise in autism, and extensive wait times, we regret that our waitlist for therapy services for people with autism is currently closed with the exception of selective mutism services for children with high functioning autism, and some parent groups for children with autism and anxiety.

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Our mission is to empower children, teens, and parents to live life to the fullest. We provide quality, evidence-based assessment and therapy services for a wide range of childhood challenges.